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The Jellyfish Gallery is a collection of photos, sightings, poems and stories. We are no longer collecting jellyfish sightings on this webpage. We will be setting up new Jellyfish Galleries next summer for Sussex and Hampshire & Isle of Wight

Now, Bluebottles In Australia (where I was born) my parents and I loved the beach. But there was often dismay when we found the beach littered with the dreaded Bluebottles – colloquial name I guess. Mind you, better than diving in and finding out that they were still in the water and alive …read more Ann Bullock of Romsey Jumble, jiggle all around Elegant flow who goes with the glow Loving but squishy too Like a bird with his tentacles he goes Yucky ucky, that’s what I can say Fluttery a beautiful creature Intelligent but have no brain Slishy sloshly watch them go Having the tenacles they are so don’t go to close or they might just sting Fae, age 8, Bosmere Junior School Jiggle and jump were the jellyfish Electric and transparent were not from a dish! Light-reflecting we have a sting! Lovely glistening don’t worry about a thing! You’ll love it when we dance, glide and sing! Fluorescent colours were beautiful! Ice cold we don’t have a brain, we’re a bit like ghouls! Silent gliding, colours colliding! High-floating we stay near the sun, we hope you have had a lot of fun! Samuel, age 8, Bosmere Junior School A beautiful pearl in the sea, but don’t touch me I’m a lethal stinging machine. I swim in the deep dark blue and I breathe the air in there too. Larissa, age 8, Bosmere Junior School They live in the sunshine, they float in the sea, they are mysterious heads lying in the open seas. They’re like a pot of noodles swimming in the sea, they are like round sting rays waiting to sting their prey. So be alert when you see on just leave it, don’t kick it cause you’ll get a nasty STING! Lauryn, age 8, Bosmere Junior School

66 thoughts on “Jellyfish Gallery

  1. Alan Potter

    I live about 1/2 mile from Ryde pier on the golf course side, I was looking over the sea wall having a cup of tea around lunch time when I spotted what looked like quite a few Barrel Jellyfish washing around in the waves. I couldn’t go down to check it out as the tide was in at the time.
    I took some photos later after the tide had gone out.
    PS, the photo where my foot is over it is not actually on it, I did it for scale. I am a shoe size 10.
    It is very unusual seeing this many dead Jellyfish where I am.

  2. Nikki Hills

    Cheryl Howard spotted this jellyfish washed up on the beach at Pagham Harbour. Looks like a Barrel jellyfish. Thanks Cheryl.

  3. Alan Torrington

    We spotted two small compass jellies in the water on the inside of Hurst Spit, Keyhaven on Saturday 8th August(. Only about 3 inches across. ) Also saw large barrel jelly near Needles same day

  4. Steph Watson

    I was very excited to see this jellyfish washed up in the surf line on Southsea Beach, just east of South Parade Pier. I think it might be a compass jellyfish but I would love to know for sure. It was no more then 10cm across.

  5. Andy

    found this barrel jellyfish washed up on the beach in portsmouth, near eastney end 18/07/15… never seen anything like this in the flesh in england before.

  6. S concagh

    We spotted a jelly fish on the beach today walking from Yarmouth pier towards the car park viewing area around 5 pm

  7. Polly Whyte

    The children at our Wild Beach session at Milton Locks Nature Reserve in Portsmouth spotted this compass jellyfish on the shore on Tuesday 7th July.

  8. Julia T

    3 barrel jelly fish found within 10 metres of each other along the shore line at Stokes Bay beach, on 30 June 2015

  9. Elaine Johnson

    This barrel jellyfish was found on Lee on Solent beach in October 2014. You can see from the dog’s ball thrower alongside just how large it was.

  10. Dave Pearson

    I found this Barrel jellyfish stranded on the beach at Gilkicker Point on Monday 29th June. It was just above the high tide mark. Is this the furthest east that they have been reported?

  11. Amanda Bowens

    Barrel Jellyfish – one of a number washed up on the northern side of Southampton Water during first week of June 2015. This was was off Weston Shore (7th June 2015) with an approximate diameter of 50 cm.

  12. D Giles

    My son and I were taking part in our normal evening stroll along Egypt point in Cowes Isle of Wight and found 4 large jelly fish on the beach.

  13. Polly Whyte

    Spotted some barrel jellyfish at Chesil Cove in Dorset a couple of weeks ago. Has anyone seen any jellyfish off the Hampshire, Isle of Wight or Sussex coasts yet this year?

    1. Brenda

      Hi Yes they are now lots washing up on Lepe beach across fro the Isle of Wight 11/06/2015

  14. Rob Collins

    Worthing Beach. 2nd January 2015. Spotted this Barrel Jellyfish at low tide. It was approx 40cm in diameter. There was a family with two young girls nearby, so I called them over to have a look. The beach then resonated with calls of ‘Wow!’ and ‘Bleh!’, but it least it piqued an interest in jellyfish!

  15. Esme

    My name is Esme and i live in Brighton! i love you’re gallery! so cool!
    anyway,once we were in the isle of mull in scotland. we took a whale whaching trip and ended up seeing porpises and seals but suddenly the guy who was doing the trip took a net and plonked it in the sea and 5 minuets later he took it up again and we were amazed to see that he then pulled out a JELLYFISH!!!! OMG!!! Even better, he asked me if i wanted to hold it,but i was too scared to go first so i made my brother do it before me.when my brother made me do it next, i DID do it in case you were wondering. It felt a bit like eggs and jelly at the same time. :-) thanx!

  16. Melanie Harris

    Saw a large jellyfish at west beach littlehampton this morning. About the circumference of a dinner plate, clear but with bue/purply colour tentacles. Sorry no picture!

  17. Polly Whyte

    Jellyfish wriggle and giggle, swiggle and jiggle.
    Jellyfish jelly fish, no bones you have, sloppy & ploppy you fall to the ground.
    Jellyfish jellyfish so curly and pearly you are, you are so swigity and fidgety.

    Oh jellyfish, you shine and you glide and you glimmer and shimmer.
    Oh you gleam in the summer and hide in the cold winters.
    Oh you are so beautiful and elegant but once a year you die,
    Tickle everyone else you do but that my poem about you.

    By Olivia, William Gilpin Primary School

  18. lora

    Also a large squid/octopus was washed up. took a photo of that! Hopefully this photo will come through……..same spot between Gurnard and Thorness.

  19. lora

    I can confirm the jellyfish that had the brown veins was also spotted between Gurnard and Thorness last week. Also a large squid/octopus was washed up. took a photo of that!

  20. Naomi

    Saw a dead jelly fish which was purple (norfolk) , and another 2 dead compass jellyfish and 1 alive one (sth Devon)

  21. Hamble Harbour Authority

    10cm diametre compass jellyfish seen outside Harbour Master’s Office, Warsash (Hamble Estuary) 12.8.2014. Third one (though smallest one) seen this month.

  22. Alan Deeming

    2 Compass jellyfish seen last week on the outgoing tide at the landward side of East Cowes marina in the river Medina on the Isle of Wight.
    1 further specimen sighted south of the Isle of Wight last week at about 50deg 33min North 00deg 53min West.
    No photos.

  23. Jacqueline Woolcock

    I saw a Compass jelly fish on the beach at Morfa Bychan near Porthmadoc in Wales 545366 MONDAY 4TH AUGUST 2014. Seen in the afternoon in a pool left by the retreating tide. Sorry no photo but sure it was Compass. Also not sure if dead or alive.

  24. Abbi Scott

    Thanks to Terry and Sue Noyce for sending in this photo of a compass jellyfish seen last week at Colwell Bay on the Isle of Wight.

  25. Nikki Hills

    3 Compass Jellyfish seen washed up on the Beach at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve on Wednesday 6th August at our Beach Explorers event.

  26. Polly Whyte

    I’m a little jellyfish,
    I live in the sea.
    I have a lot of tentacles,
    that sting like a bee

    I’m a little jellyfish,
    purple and white.
    At day I rise up,
    and retreat at night.

    I’m a little jellyfish,
    as transparent as plastic.
    Most people think I’m freaky,
    But really I’m FANTASTIC.

    I’m a little jellyfish,
    I don’t have a brain.
    But after a year,
    I no longer remain.

    I’m a little jellyfish,
    I eat plankton for lunch.
    Every bit of my dinner,
    has a tiny little crunch.

    By Chenson & Elliot, aged 11, William Gilpin Primary School

  27. kitty moll

    We found A baby compass jelly fish found at my daughters Rockpooling party 27th August in Ovingdean !

  28. Dawn Harker

    Off Eastbourne Sovereign Sailing Club beach at Eastbourne a group of jellyfish on 23rd July and a single one on 26th July.

  29. Marilyn

    I saw a Compass jellyfish while out sailing east of Eastbourne Pier(!) in the middle of July. Another sailor saw one three days later.

  30. K.Page

    Was stung by a Compass Jellyfish on 21 July 2014 in St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex about 200 metres off shore. It was the same beach as the Lifeguard station. The sea was quite wavy and the tide was going out. There was quite a strong undercurrent and the tide was travelling West. The sting caused numerous whip like lashes and the sting felt significant and quite painful, but disappeared after about hour, although pain came back as a memory for some time after. Used vinegar and lemon, but ice felt the most soothing. There have been plenty more sightings of the same jellyfish in this area and also a Barrel Jellyfish was found washed up on shore by Lifeguards. Unfortunately, there is no photo, as was swimming. I think I swam into it, as the tentacles tangled my arms, making it difficult to swim and had to shake it off to come inshore.

  31. Richard

    Hove basin has lots of Aurelia every year. We got up early before school and scooped lots with a net and took them to show all Thea’s classmates. (using a big cool box and some very slow driving over speedbumps). You can see them either from the lock gates at the western end of the basin or from the eastern end where they unload fish from the ships.

  32. Naomi Foyle

    One of my earliest childhood memories is visiting Brighton for the day and demanding a piggyback on the beach, as the pebbles were strewn with stranded jellyfish. That would have been back in the seventies. I moved here in 1991, and though I have been an active sea swimmer since 2000, I had not seen another jellyfish here until last week, when I noticed a small one when I was coming out of the water. From the shape I think it might have been a compass jellyfish, though I don’t recall the stripes. I only caught a glimpse of it, as I didn’t want to get stung, but I will keep my eyeballs peeled for them from now on.

  33. Abbi Scott

    This crystal jellyfish was spotted by Ryan Taylor (aged 8) on the Beach at Colwell Bay (Isle of Wight) after a Shoresearch survey.

  34. Neil Francis

    A Compass Jellyfish spotted by my son Callum, aged 8, close to the shore at Rustington, Littlehampton. A shout of Aargh! Jellyfish! as he almost ran into it when finding a nice spot to swim. My daughter Rhianna collected my mobile phone for me to take this and a few other pictures… Jellyfish was alive and well, approx. 30-40cm in diameter, a beautiful creature

    1. Joan Norman

      Also spotted and avoided a compass jellyfish off sea between Littlehampton and Rustington, on Sunday 24th July.

  35. Polly Whyte

    Thanks to the Lepe Country Park team for reporting another barrel jellyfish found on their beach on 12th July.

  36. J. Harris

    Barrel Jellyfish washed up dead on Sandown beach this afternoon, very big and heavy, the lifeguards struggling to remove it.
    Seems like the barrels are invading the Island beaches.

  37. Rose

    Spotted a very large but dead Barrell jellyfish at the Browndown end of Lee-on-solent beach.

    1. Esme

      Hi my name is Esme! I am 10 and live in brighton! and WOWZA that is the biggest jellyfish that I have ever seen in my life! :-0

  38. Polly Whyte

    This barrel jellyfish was spotted at Sandown beach on the Isle of Wight by Ross Irvine.

  39. Polly Whyte

    We’ve had a report of a barrel jellyfish seent drifting in the sea near Hayling Island last week, measuring 2-3 feet in diameter.

  40. Vivienne Parsons

    Hi, I’ve just seen the BBC article about the barrel jellyfish seen off Cornwall. Just thought I’d let you know that I spotted one off the Isle of Wight while taking part in the around the Island Race on 21 June, on the south side whilst becalmed and no wind.

  41. Polly Whyte

    Shaun Cuff sent us this photo of a barrel jellyfish spotted at Totland on the Isle of Wight on 24th June.

  42. Polly Whyte

    Graeme Williams June 25, 2014 at 9:34 pm
    These two and about a dozen more were spotted just off Hastings beach.
    Photos were taken mid June this year, whilst out on my paddle board.

  43. Abbi Scott

    This moon jellyfish was found on a HIWWT seagrass survey last week in Cams Bay (Portsmouth Harbour), it was right on the edge of the seagrass bed which we were mapping.

  44. Polly Whyte

    And, thanks to Terry Noyce for sending in this beautiful picture of a barrel jellyfish at Colwell Bay.

  45. Polly Whyte

    Thanks to Mike Kullander at the Needles Park for sending us this picture of a barrel jellyfish which washed up on the beach this week.

  46. Graeme Williams

    These two and about a dozen more were spotted just off Hastings beach.
    Photos were taken mid June this year, whilst out on my paddle board.

  47. Polly Whyte

    More moon jellyfish spotted at West Itchenor in Chichester Harbour this week. It was a delight to point them out to a school group who were visiting the harbour.

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