Take a look at Claude’s ideas for activities you can do at the coast or at home and make your very own marine adventure.

At the coast


Beach Activities Guide
Download our Beach Activities guide for lots of ideas for fun and educational beach activities from rockpooling to making kites.


Rockpools are full of amazing plants and animals and a great place to explore on a sunny day when the tide is out. Use this Rockpool Spotters Sheet to help you identify creatures in the rockpools and always follow the Seashore Code.

Eco-friendly crabbing

Take a closer look at a crab by crabbing the eco-friendly way!

Seashore scavenger hunt

You are sure to be amazed by what you find as the sea brings in new items on every tide! Use this Shoreline Detective Spotter Sheet to help you identify some unusual finds.

claude_3Claude’s Safety note: Sadly, large and varied amounts of litter also collect on the strandline too – you may wish to take a rubbish bag with you to collect items and dispose of later – doing a beach clean at the same time! Do not pick up any items which may pose a risk (such as sharp objects, or items covered in oil or chemicals), unless wearing suitable protective gloves.

Likewise do not touch or try to move any dead sea creatures. If you find a dead dolphin, porpoise, whale, shark or seal, please report it to the UK Strandings Network at the Natural History Museum

Beach art

Try building a beach sculpture from natural objects on the beach. Let your imagination run wild and think about sea creatures, mermaids, sailing vessels or pirate ships and treasure chests. Then, once you’re finished leave the sculptures there for the sea to reclaim – but not before taking a photo, of course.

Beach clean

Look out for an organised Beachwatch event at a beach near you and help keep our beaches clean.

Marine animal spotter

What’s that shape breaking the surface of the sea? Could it be a seal? A dolphin? A whale? Marine animals can be tricky to spot out at sea and even trickier to identify at a glance. Here are a few to look out for.

Seabird spotter

See how many different kinds of seabirds you can spot on your next trip to the coast.

At home

Mask and snorkel

Make your own Mask and Snorkel and then go on a virtual SCUBA dive by watching our ‘Making Waves’ film.


Build your own sea creature – will it have claws, scaley skin, tentacles….??

The great sea race - are you a fast swimmer? You’ll need to be in this game to catch food and avoid the pollution.

Claude’s Colouring Sheets

Download and print the Claude’s colouring sheet. What colour will you make Claude? Will he be camouflaged or brightly coloured to scare off predators?

This coastline code colouring sheet will help you to remember some important do’s and don’ts next time you visit the beach.

Splat facts

Download this page of crazy underwater splat facts about marine creatures.

Seal face mask

Cut out and colour in your own seal face mask.

Make a bottle basking shark

Make a model Basking Shark from an old plastic bottle.

Plastic Fantastic

Help to reduce waste going to landfill by recycling old plastic into new things with these plastic fantastic ideas