The Beach Treasures Gallery

This is a gallery of interesting beach finds reported during the Making Waves Project, which ended in 2015. We are no longer receiving new sightings on this page, but please feel free to browse the gallery.


27 thoughts on “The Beach Treasures Gallery

  1. Polly Whyte

    This squid eggs were spotted by a father and son on a beach stroll at Egypt Point in Cowes on the Isle of Wight a couple of weeks ago.

  2. Abbi Scott

    We found this small-spotted catshark washed up at Lee-on-Solent beach on our Shoresearch survey there last Saturday.

    1. Polly Whyte

      Kelly – these definitely look like types of shark, but we can’t identify them to species from just these pictures. We think one is a lesser-spotted catshark or a bullhuss and the others are types of smoothhound. You can find out more about British shark species on the Sharks Trust website:
      Thanks for sharing your find!

  3. Barbara Knight

    Here is the Porchester castle fossil from the side – its so lovely and the detail is fantastic

    1. Polly Whyte

      Hi Barbara – an amazing looking fossil! We’re not sure what this is at the moment, possibly an echinoid (urchin) fossil. We are asking around for others to help us identify it for you.

  4. Barbara Knight

    We found this fossil on the beach by Porchester Castle on Tuesday 23/3. We wondered what sort of creature it was?

  5. Jennifer Pope

    My step daughter found a large female lobster tail, measuring 25 cm long with a few eggs on the pleopods at Birling Gap on Saturday 7 March. We weighted it down under a rock as far out as we could go to the give the eggs the best chance.

  6. Polly Whyte

    Spotted lots of these bristleworm eggs on Bembridge beach on Saturday. The eggs in these gelatinous cocoons are seen between February and April.

  7. Polly Whyte

    Spotted lots of ray eggcases on Hurst Spit beach yesterday, including this undulate ray eggcase and this catshark (dogfish) eggcase.

  8. Doreen Harris

    I thought you might like to see some of the beautiful shells that I have found on Weston Shore, Southampton

  9. Emma Brown

    I found this dead jellyfish at Luccombe on the Isle of Wight. I think it is a barrel jellyfish minus tentacles as it was solid and about the size of a car hubcap.

    1. Polly Whyte

      Hi Emma,
      Yes, I agree this looks like a barrel jellyfish, which don’t have tentacles like other jellyfish. They can cause irritation to human skin though, so still best not to touch them!

  10. Steph Watson

    We were beachcombing on Southsea beach again last week and we found three different types of egg cases. We identified these as whelk egg cases, a ray egg case and two dogfish eggcases.

  11. Steph Watson

    We found this sea mouse in seaweed on the strandline on Southsea beach last weekend. We thought the other creature might be an anenome (it looked like there might be tentacles in one end!) or perhaps a sea squirt.

    1. Polly Whyte

      Hi Steph, it does look like an anemone you found as well as a sea mouse. The anemone has hiddens its tentacles inside its body.

  12. Nikki Hills

    We found a Five-bearded rockling washed up on the beach at Ovingdean during our Wild Beach training.

  13. admin Post author

    Here’s a picture of a goose barnacle found on growing on a mystery man-made object on Hayling Island beach on 31st October.

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